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Flower Essence Repairing Cream [2 bottles set]


  • What’s inside: 2 x 50g tone up creams + 1 x 10ml essential oil
  • Skin type: all skin types, including sensitive skin
  • Skin concerns: dark spots, pigmentation, wrinkles, fine lines, dryness, loose skin
  • Skin benefits: moisturize, whiten, brighten, soothe, anti-aging, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, conceal dark spots
  • Star ingredients: desert rose extract, resurrection plant, nicotinamide, vitamin-E, collagen


  • Can sensitive skin use the cream? – COBOR tone-up cream is formulated with mild ingredients, so it’s suitable for almost all skin types. If you’re still worried, you can test on the skin behind your ears first and then apply if there’s no discomfort.
  • Is this cream sunscreen? – COBOR tone-up cream contains sunscreen ingredients. But if the sun is severe, we suggest using the sunscreen after applying the cream.
  • Can it whiten the skin and reduce dark spots? – COBOR tone-up cream contains many effective ingredients such as nicotinamide, Vitamin-C which can whiten the skin tone.
  • Do I need to use makeup remover to clean it? – You can just use a facial cleanser to wash it. Makeup remover is not necessary.
  • Will it melt under the sun? – This cream won’t melt even if it’s hot outside.

4 reviews for Flower Essence Repairing Cream [2 bottles set]

  1. Wein

    Whitening effect: a touch of brightening skin tone Moisturizing and oil-controlling effect: good moisturizing and oil-controlling effect Texture and feel: delicate and moisturizing dressing Absorption effect: easy to absorb My skin type: easy to sensitive

  2. June

    The texture is soft and close to the skin, the whitening effect is super good, and the powder is not stuck. It is a good whitening product that I have used, and I will repurchase it when I use it up! ! !

  3. Ren

    The effect is very good, non-greasy, natural, suitable for girls without makeup, and non-irritating.

  4. Dream

    not bad. I have sensitive skin. After using it for almost a week, there is no side effect.

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