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COBOR Truffle Retinol Desalt Wrinkle Eye Cream 15g [Buy 1 Free 1]


What you can get: 2*15g truffle retinol desalt wrinkle eye cream + 1*5g truffle retinol desalt wrinkle eye cream sample

Skin benefits: anti-aging, reduce dark circles, decrease eye bags, prevent wrinkles and fine lines, fight against aging

Skin type: all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Core Ingredients: 1% Retinol, French truffle extract, Hymagic TM-4D (4D hyaluronic acid), Hydrolyzed collagen & elastin, Jojoba seed oil, Squalane

How to use: Use this eye cream after applying the toner and the serum. For a better result, massage the skin gently with the massager on the tube.


  • How to use this eye cream? – After cleansing the face, applying the toner or eye masks, you can then use this eye cream day and night. After squeezing the tube, gently spread the cream with the massage head until the cream is absorbed.
  • Will they cause fat granules? – These eye masks use hydrating but not oily ingredients. So they won’t cause fat granules.
  • Are they suitable for sensitive skin? – The formula is safe and mild, so they’re also suitable for sensitive skin.
  • How long can I see the effect? – We suggest using this eye cream continuously for 28 days to have a better effect as the skin cell metabolism cycle is 28 days. This eye cream is tested by a professional skincare laboratory to prove that it does have a noticeable effect on reducing wrinkles, eye bags, and dark circles.


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